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The Department of Transportation requires every company engaged in interstate and / or intrastate commerce, as well as every driver involved in transportation, to understand one basic concept:  “It’s your job to know!” Believe us when we say that no one individual or company has cleared a compliance review or legal matter by shrugging their shoulders and stating that they didn’t know. This action will only result in negative consequences and is interpreted by regulatory officials as negligence. 

At Pro-Logic Compliance, we take our company’s motto to heart: “Knowledge Saves and Training Pays”.  Knowledge saves by allowing you to perform your tasks to the standard required by law. Training pays by getting the best out of your employees.

Many Types of Training

We offer many types of training. Training is not limited to drivers, but must flow through your entire operation. We are here to stand behind our motto and pass the knowledge and training along to you and your company. If we are given the opportunity to assist your company, we are prepared to research any and all possible scenarios. Even some of the higher-ranking officials in the Department of Transportation have a curve ball thrown at them from time to time. 

Misinformation is Rampant in the Industry

When it comes to training, one of the most complicated issues in this industry is the false information that has been passed along by inaccurate sources for many years. We at Pro-Logic Compliance feel that if any one individual is enforcing their own interpretation of any said rule and / or regulation, that they should be present for any up coming Department of Transportation (DOT) investigation and are willing to pay fines that may result in their interpretation of the law.

imageDOT regulations are updated four times a year.  Most DOT regulations have changed or been updated in the last 8 years – that means that much of the information companies are using is outdated and wrong. We find that most regulated companies aren’t doing things wrong because they didn’t want to do it right; they were simply following the guidelines set forth in prior years’ publications of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) or utilizing information handed down by a DOT investigator during a Compliance Review (CR) from years past. 

The Pro-Logic Compliance team commits our time to getting the facts. We attend regular training ourselves and keep up to date with changes in the regulations.  Pro-Logic Compliance is an extension to your company’s team and safety department. Our directors are “Train the Trainer” certified and may assist your company in many different levels of certifications.

Below is a list of all the different areas of training that we offer:
Not all training will be required by the Department of Transportation (DOT)

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Driver Training

Hours of Service (HOS)

imageIn regards to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) part 395 CFR, the limited hours that a driver may drive have proven to be the most formidable challenge in the transportation industry. At Pro-Logic Compliance, we will not only incorporate the Hours of Service training into your driver qualification and orientation process, we will also provide Logging Solutions that custom fit your company’s needs.

imageThe Pro-Logic Compliance staff will be made available by a provided toll free number 24/7 for any questions or comments from your drivers and team members.  Pro-Logic Compliance has created a very simple log book to simplify the training process. Pro-Logic Compliance will generate these log books for all of your company drivers to use. This will result in continuity in your paperwork, which has been proven to reflect compliance across the board. 

Pre-trip Inspections

In regards to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) part 396 CFR, every motor carrier, its officers, drivers, agents, representatives, and all employees directly concerned with the inspection or maintenance of motor vehicles shall comply with the rules of this part. We have discovered that everything related to your company’s overall costs and ability to maintain daily safe operations hinge upon your drivers’ and team members’ ability to perform all of the required inspections.  We have also discovered that people that hold a CDL often do not clearly understand their individual responsibility in completing a pre-trip inspection.  The fact is that drivers that complete pre-trip inspections correctly reduce overall costs of their company’s bottom dollar.  Being put out of service on the road will only result in fines and unsatisfied customers. 

Roadside Inspections

Inspections performed by individual states and the Department of Transportation on your company’s drivers and equipment are designed to directly affect your overall company performance.  All roadside inspections under your company’s DOT authority are compiled into a federal database. The results of these findings may cause a domino effect of more and more roadside inspections being received throughout other states, or possibly trigger a DOT audit on your company’s overall ability to operate under DOT’s guidelines. At Pro-Logic Compliance, we are prepared to offset the possibilities of negative consequences resulting from poor roadside inspections through formidable training. We have made it our business to understand the criteria and processes taking place at individual state and Department of Transportation scale houses.

Hazardous Materials

Your Company’s structure may require that you follow the Department of Transportation guidelines set forth in 49 CFR parts 100-185. At Pro-Logic Compliance, we will train your drivers and all team members that will be transporting, or may come in to contact with, a hazardous material.  This training includes all levels required to meet the criteria of any said employees daily operation in your company structure. Pro-Logic Compliance has designed a testing and certification process to ensure the completed training for the required five levels of Haz-Mat training. Some, but not all, of your company employees will need to complete all five levels of certification.  Listed below in order are the five levels:

  • General Awareness / Familiarization
  • Function -  Specific
  • Safety
  • Security Awareness
  • In-depth (if security plan is required)

Driver training for each Haz-Mat employee who will operate a motor vehicle *

*Note – employees that hold a CDL with a Haz-Mat endorsement must still complete all levels of this training under your company’s authority.

Pro-Logic Compliance incorporates Haz-Mat training into the overall orientation process to meet these requirements.  All documentation related to certifications will be maintained by Pro-Logic Compliance for your company.

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Continuous Education

The training categories listed below are available upon request.

  • Truck Fires
  • Night Driving
  • Backing
  • Coupling and uncoupling
  • Speed and Space Management
  • Extreme Weather
  • Seeing Hazards
  • Defensive Driving
  • Hazardous Materials (certificate issued upon completion)
  • Fork lift Training (certificate issued upon completion)
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Mechanic Training


At Pro-Logic Compliance, we are prepared to assist your in-house mechanics in the creation of a proper maintenance file. Not only will we be training your company equipment technicians on good file management practices, but we will also be providing valuable paperwork to get the job done.  Maintenance files are not limited to the Department of Transportation requirements, but may also be used by your insurance company during your company’s renewal process. Transportation attorneys may subpoena these records and not having them could result in a negligence claim against your company’s maintenance program. It is absolutely imperative that your company’s equipment technicians understand good housekeeping practices in regards to these files. Pro-Logic Compliance will be there every step of the way and will conduct regular in-house audits on your company’s maintenance files. 

Appendix G

There are special requirements that your company’s equipment technicians must meet in relation to the Department of Transportation. Airbrake certifications and annual inspector certifications must be retained for any mechanic or technician performing maintenance on airbrake components and / or annual inspections on any of your company’s DOT equipment. If your company outsources its annual inspections or leases equipment through any third party, your company is still required to maintain certification records in-house. Pro-Logic Compliance will be reviewing all third-party documentation and certifications related to your company’s maintenance program to ensure complete compliance. *

*Note – Pro-Logic Compliance does not perform annual inspections on DOT Equipment.

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Administrative Training

Company Contacts

Pro-Logic Compliance will need to establish contact with administrative personnel within your company. These contacts will be trained by the Pro-Logic Compliance Directors to streamline the overall flow of your paperwork, procedures, and policies that relate to the Department of Transportation. These contacts will also be trained in DOT rules and regulations. Pro-Logic Compliance Directors will be made available by cell phone to your company contacts 24/7 for any questions or comments that they may have. Your company could be faced with an emergency and Pro-Logic Compliance Directors would like to have a direct line of communication for any matter needing immediate attention. 

Reasonable Suspicion Training

Pro-Logic Compliance will train and certify supervisors within your company’s structure for the drug and alcohol testing requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation. Pro-Logic Compliance Directors acting as your Designated Employer Representative (DER) will work side by side with your company supervisors to ensure full compliance with the mandated requirements. Your company is required to have a minimum of two supervisors that are certified for Reasonable Suspicion Training.   

As we have stated before: Training is the fundamental backbone in achieving and maintaining compliance. All documents related to training will be maintained by Pro-Logic Compliance for your company. All files will be kept in Pro-Logic Compliance’s audit-ready file structure. These files are deemed confidential and kept under lock and key.  All of this hard training will pay off and enrich your organization’s day-to-day operations.

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