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At Pro-Logic Compliance, our primary objective is to provide commercial motor vehicle operators with a reliable source of timely and accurate technical information in a friendly, professional manner. We will not only monitor all DOT regulatory issues, but will also maintain all your company files in an audit-ready, web-accessible, fully secure, HIPPA-compliant system. These files, along with all your company information, are kept fully confidential. Pro-Logic Compliance has represented its clients through many successful audits, at both the state and federal level,. and with insurance companies.

As a part of our professional commitment to our clients, the Pro-Logic Compliance staff not only keeps up with all changes in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, we also maintain friendly relations with state and federal regulatory agencies, transportation attorneys, and insurance companies. Pro-Logic Compliance will assist you in attaining and maintaining a satisfactory rating, which will in turn enrich your company as a whole.

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