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Driver Qualifications Files (391 CFR)

At Pro-Logic Compliance, the Driver Qualification Files are comprised of the driver’s employment application, his / her credentials, and the specimen test and chain of custody documentation. These files are kept under lock and key and are extremely confidential. 

Pro-Logic Compliance will provide your company with a DOT recommended application and provide every driver, both CDL and Non-CDL, with all required information and detailed resources.  Pro-Logic Compliance will explain the application process to each driver and treat them with unique, friendly attention. Each application is approximately 20 pages and will be molded to fit your company’s needs.  Included in the application is a 10 year work history which is required by DOT.  With this 10 year work history we will provide employment verifications that will serve as the background investigation of a driver’s work history.  This will insure all drivers are qualified and have no positives in their past work history. 

A CDL driver is a Commercial Driver that is allowed to operate a commercial vehicle that is over 10,001 lbs. A Non-CDL is a Non-Commercial Driver and is only allowed to drive DOT governed vehicles less than 10,001 lbs. 

A medical examiner’s report and medical examiner’s certificate are also known as a DOT physical long form and DOT Physical Card.  These can be certified for 2 years, 1 year, 6 months, and 3 months.  These must be completed by a DOT-certified physician or Nurse Practitioner.  * (See 391 CFR for complete regulations on qualifications and disqualifications of the medical examiners report) 
A MVR is a report that lists all traffic convictions and violations within a 3 to 5 year period. This documentation will be required by your insurance company and so must be included on the application.  The MVR must be within 30 days of the date the application was filled out. A MVR is also used to complete an annual review on a driver. This is to ensure that a driver is still qualified to drive safely and is in compliance with DOT regulations. 

Pro-Logic Compliance will send out notices to inform you of any upcoming expirations (ex: driver’s license, annual review, medical examiners report and medical examiners certificate). 

At Pro-Logic Compliance, we maintain all terminated drivers’ files. These are kept according to DOT regulations. Files are kept for 3 years for a driver with negative specimen results.  Files for any driver with a positive specimen result are kept for 5 years. This is to ensure proper employment verifications can be preformed and to facilitate our Good Neighbor Program. 

The Good Neighbor Program helps our customers in hiring drivers by informing when a potential hire has previously harmed another company.  This way, you are protected from hiring drivers that are likely to destroy equipment or poorly represent your company.

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